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What plot elements should Transformers 3 have?

What plot elements should Transformers 3 have?

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The first two transformer movies have been set on Earth where the good Autobots basically try and defend Sam and the humans from the evil Decepticons so to allow humanity their rights of freedom as being sentient beings. That's what makes humans being, you know.

Fights in forests with Optimus taking on Megatron, Starscream and that other dude are awesome enough but what we need now is interstellar space battles: Transformers 3's plot should take place in space as much as possible.

So what does one do in space? Visit planets. Visit home worlds like Cybertron. Learn about the origins a little more.

The third movie needs to have the Autobots searching for something they need to SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

In movie parlance, this is the McGuffin, a plot device to make things tick over to help solve the PROBLEM. Every film needs a McGuffin. For the first animated movie it was the Matrix of Autobot Leadership. The second had the All Spark, the third some kind of variant on the Leadership Matrix.

The Autobots should be looking for the The Key of Light in space, on a new planet or on Cybertron itself. In fact, let's call it The Key of Light!

But what is the Key of Light for? It solves the problem. And would the problem be? In the end there can only be one problem, and his name is UNICRON. The Shiva of the Universe. Destroyer of Worlds. The biggest bad ass robot there is:

So the threat would be that Unicron is going to destroy Earth / Cybertron / Solar System whatever. It's what will tie the whole plot together.

What should happen to Sam Witwicky? Well hopefully he gets lost in space along the way....

So basically what I'm saying is that the overall frame work of Transformers 3 should have the plot elements of Transformers: The Movie.

You could have the Megatron vs Prime battle but with the reverse result. Megatron dies defeated by Prime. For whatever reason his body is cast aside into space and is collected by Unicron, who then turns him into Galvatron as per the animated movie. At the end of the movie Prime kills Galvatron with a blade to the face after being betrayed by Star Scream. Classic move Starscream, classic move bro!

How do they deal with Unicron? A good old fashion Blitzkrieg. Just have all the Autobots and Decepticons unite to attack Unicron just as he is about to destroy Earth / Cybertron / Solar System.

As with all 2nd sequels, just throw the kitchen sink at the guy. Have the Aerial Bots, Predacons, Dinobots, Ultra Magnus, Soundwave and Shockwave, Blur, etc throw everying at Unicron. The Key of Light is finally used at the end of the fight. Unicron is taken out by a blast of light - and in referencing the animated movie, Unicron's red eye is blown out as the climax, the shards killing off a few decepticons while we're at it.

Sub plots could involve:
  • Earth's leaders handwringing about whether to launch nuclear missles into space at Unicron (they do, it fails miserably).
  • Sam have to rescue his new girlfriend from the Decepticons.
  • Bumblebee actually doing some scouting (or joke reference to the Boy Scouts).
  • Prime being tested by the Autobots for making bad decisions (the start of movie could have him make a bad call that gets like 3 autobots killed, Grim Lock could challenge for the Leadership).
  • Soundwave in robot form.
  • Space bridges between Earth and Cybertron.
  • You can have Hot Rod but none of this Rodimus Prime nonsense. Prime Lives!!
What do you think? Fly or Die? What do you want to see in Transformers 3?

Top 10 Songs with whistling in them

Top 7 Songs with whistling in them:
  1. Patience by Guns N Roses (Axl Rose whistles the intro)
  2. Winds of Change by Scorpions (whistling all through out)
  3. Waitress by Live (outro whistled)
  4. Don't Worry Be Happy (all through out)
  5. Engel by Rammstein (introduction)
  6. Always Look On the Bright Side of Life from Monty Python’s Life of Brian (middle)
  7. Jealous Guy by John Lennon
Here's the video of Patience. Check out Axl!

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Soundwave acknowledges

I know I have gone picture crazy in recent times. I'm still am crazy. So here's some more robots.

Some robot from Revenge of the Fallen.

transformers Revenge of the fallen soundwave

The Fallen: sucks at getting revenge.

the fallen ROTF

Soundwave: Satellite of Love

And the panda expressed her disregard

I ran
I ran from the bullets
I rained on your parade
I rained on your parade with bullets

I rate.
I rate your parade a zero
And the panda expressed her disregard

I am
I am I said
I said I like parades
I said I like parades with bullets
I like potatoes


Pandas do not like bullets or potatoes.