A golden opportunity to buy Optimus Prime

So like check out this Trade Me auction for a Golden Optimus Prime that's been been listed as part of a charity drive for Starship Hospital (it's for the kids man!)

This Prime is 1 of only 88 world wide and the awesome donators, Hasbro, have provided a certificate attesting to that.

Want to participate in the charity drive? Visit the Starship page on the Trade Me site and the instructions are simple as:

"All you need to do is clear out your cupboards or garage, list your unwanted items, pledge to donate the proceeds to Starship, and we'll (Trade Me) refund your success fees when the items sell! Find out more here, or check out all the auctions at the Starship store."

Anyways, if any one wants to buy me the Prime..... I'd send you a Christmas card every year for like, ever. 

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