2011 Rugby Sevens Costumes and Cosplay

barbie box cosplay
I'm a barbie girl!
We've got more! Our first page of sevens costumes pictures went down a treat with at least 2 people liking it enough on Facebook so we went and found more costumes from the Friday evening stretch.

Costume choices of the day included some Fred Daggs doing their kiwi equivalent of Being John Malkovich and some sexy girls dressed up as rubix cubes. Bless.

Giant breasted cosplayers

These guys and girls made right boobs of themselves! And why not, if you actually get your kit out at the Sevens (or any other sporting occasion at the Cake Tin) they through you out for indecent exposure. ...

A whole group of Wookies at the sevens
Punch it Chewey!
I'm Fred! No I'm Fred!

Fred Dagg is a classic kiwi icon - a caricature of a NZ farmer / bloke - the Fred Dag is an easy costume to make, slap on your black wifebeater single, step into your gumboots and you are away in cosplay heaven- the exta bonus is when you wake up inthe morning still wearing your sevens costume, you're ready to shear a few hundy sheep!
Men with blow up birds. What else is there do say?
rublicks cube cosplay girls
Even if you solve it, they won't give you their numbers!
Which one of these ladies is the Ring Master?
Office Stationary as a costume. Brilliant. Get it?
As you can see, the Sevens Weekend is all about the costumes, no one even watches the rugby - why would you went there's so much to look at in the stands!


Bernard Cooper said...

They play rugby at the 7's?

Anonymous said...

At half time, in between drinks