Rugby Sevens Costume Photo Wellington

Two Captain Americas: Where's their shields?
Rugby Sevens Costume Photo Wellington 2011

There's a weekend every year when Wellingtonians go a lil crazy - The Rugby Sevens Tournament is a chance people to dress up and go and party in the Wellington Stadium, known affectionately to us locals as the Cake Tin.

The Sevens is a tournament that is part of the IRB World Series - Kiwi's love to party and this weekend is an excuse to dress up and have a good time. And as they say, if you get bored you can always watch the rugby!

Check out these pictures of the fans all dressed up in their costumes and outfits - is that your sister in the tights?

The Domino Effect?
Internet geeks might know this kind of dressing up as cosplay, but to everyone it's simply a publically acceptable time for men to dress up in tutus in public!

Catholic School Girls Rule OK?
If you remember the 60s, you weren't there..
A splash of tartan makes the Caketin feel like home...
The Incredible Hulk: You won't like him when he's Angry
Cheers Girls!

I am surprised I haven't found and Lady Gaga costumes yet. Meat Bikini anyone?
The Wellington Open?
South African Team Supporter as Cheetahs?
Black Swan: All Ugly Ducklings
The Ginger beer brewing guide bread Men
Upper Hutt Flamingos Club

So as to who won the rugby, I have no idea but that was not the point of Sevens Weekend 2011, it 2qw all about dressing up in something stupid (or sexy) and hanging with your mates. Watching a few tries being scored, or your best mate pashing barney the dinosaur in the bar afterward was all part of the fun. 

What will you wear next year? A Supergirl costume?

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