Is Luke Skywalker a Hero or Super Hero?

luke skywalker star wars poster

Is Luke Skywalker a Hero or Super Hero? 

Che Tibby claimed on Twitter that the first superhero movie they ever saw was Star Wars. I begged to differ that Star Wars was a super hero film, as did other wise sages . Someone on the internet was wrong. Who was it?

Skywalker as a Hero Claims

  • Rescued a princess from a giant space station, then blew it up like a whom prat back home or something.
  • Escaped from the lair of a furry snowman.
  • Defeated a Rancour with quick wit and an old skull.
  • Masterminded the downfall of Jabba the Hutt.
  • Became a Jedi, turned Darth Vader from the Dark Side
Claims Against Luke Sky Walker being a Hero 
  • Actually failed to defeat the Emperor who was owning him till Daddy stopped the bullying.
  • Did not win the heart of the princess, and actually kissed his sister. And liked it.
princess leia gold bikini

You can see why Luke's feelings betrayed him...

Despite his 'Flowers in the Attic' issues, Luke seems to have done some heroic deeds. But is he Super?

Luke as a Super Hero Claims

  • Can read Darth Vader’s mind.
  • Sees dead people, who give him useful advice.
  • Able to do super leaps from industrial strength carbonite makers
  • Nearly lifted a X-Wing out of a swamp, can make golden robots fly.
  • In facing Vader, he caused the restoration of peace to the Galaxy.
Claims Against being a super hero

  • Wears his underpants on the inside, not outside like Superman.
The Verdict

Luke is probably a super hero even though he breaks Irvine’s immutable law about super heroes and underpants (thus further proving the worth of his super hero abilities).

However, no matter what Che Tibby might have you believe, Star Wars is not a superhero movie - It’s a space … opera odyssey.

Check out some Star Wars cosplay which will put this argument to shame....

Extra for Experts:

Fred Durst's Top Ten Inspirational Quotes from Twitter

After paying him in three dollars bills, Mr Limp Bizkit, Fred Durst was willing to share with me some inspirational quotes  via his twitter account to help guide us though life.

fred durst

As you can see Fred doesn't look so nearly angry as he used to be so some of his counsel is pretty mellow!

Here's Fred Dursts Top 10 Inspirational Twitter Quotes

1. "Take a serious moment for yourself and truly focus on something that can make your life, and those around you, more rewarding and positive."

Fred Say's everything without saying any thing really

2. "We all have our problems and faults, but we also have our hope and faith. I find myself actually becoming whole and that inspires life."

Fred says to make yourself whole and that's that.

3. "Life is what you make it."

This is nearly as good as life is like a box of chocolates. It's life affirming because with Fred Durst you never know what you're gonna get.

4. "I truly believe you can change for the better if you believe that you can. "
Cher believes in lots of things too Mr Durst.
5. "Tomorrow is yours. Own it!"

But if everyone owned the day, we'd all own like 1 / 7000000000000000000000th of it. 

6. "And may the bed bugs shrivel and die before they make it in your sheets to eat you alive" 

I'm actually with this Fred's quote on this one. I wish the bugs would all die!

7. "Logic is my tool of choice for a quick fix."

I know I've stolen this one from its proper context but on its own it does make sense. Not using logic is illogical according to Spock.

8. "my favorite tattoo is my Albert Einstein on my leg"

fred durst albert einstein tatoo leg

Not really an inspirational quote but more of an insight that Fred thinks everyone should think like Albert Einstein. Hey that is logical....

9.  "The FUTURE is easy because it doesn't exist. The PAST is painful because it is forever."

It's accurate but its almost the inverse of an inspirational quote. Fred makes excellent use of CAPITALS to make the quote even more ACCURATE.

10.  ""Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods."

Fred borrowed this one from his main main Albert. I'll leave you to ponder it, but I'm pretty sure I read in Dawkins that Einstein was an athiest (despite popular belief to the contrary).

All quotes are from Fred Durst's Twitter stream

Chat to Jimmy Jangles on Twitter!

Weta Work Shop: Confirmation Halo Chronicles is definitely on hold

So like I saw an interview with former Bungie Hero now Microsoft Champion, Frankie and it intrigued me with the short reference to Peter Jackson's take on the Halo franchise, Halo Chronicles

Frankie was asked about the progress of Halo Chronicles and gave this reply in response to a question:

"No let's just say that Weta makes awesome special effects and let's leave it at that".

I thought we needed a better answer so I sent a twitter to Weta Work Shop:

"@wetaworkshop Dear Peter Jackson's friends, how is the Halo game project coming along ?..."

I got this pretty free response:

"@jimmyjangles It's on hold - that's all we know. But thr R lots of cool projects coming out soon. District 9... Daybreakers... Avatar... :)"

So there you go, Halo Chronicles is on hold from a source in at least the same Wellington suburb as Peter Jackson's Wing Nut Films....

Avatar is the new James Cameron film so I'll be sure to check that out! District 9 is the new Neill Blomkamp Directed film - he was in line to direct the now defunct Halo movie. So indeed, as Weta said, cool projects coming soon - sci fi to boot!