The Angels and Demons Guide to high rankings on Google via SEO

angels and demons dan brown seo guide

The Angels and Demons Guide to high rankings on Google via Search Engine Optimisation tricks

So you have a website and you think it’s a better read than Dan Brown’s new novel 'The Lost Symbol' but unlike Dan Brown’s 100 million plus readers you have 6. What do you do?

Applying this simple Angels and Demons Guide to high search engine rankings will help you get that reader recognition you deserve!

SEO Angels:
  • Write page turners. People read The Da Vinci Code because it was a gripping yarn and went down well with a well made homebrewed beer. Dan Brown offers puzzles and then helped the reader along by solving them. Your blog writing needs to help the reader along too – help them solve their problem by giving them a recipe for your grandmother’s cake or how to take down the Illuminati. No one cares what you ate for breakfast.
  • Link to things that are useful. Dan Brown is always giving you the facts with a twist. Angels who link to useful information are sharing the link love and are rewarded by Google with better ranking placement on its result pages.
  • Remind your readers and Google who you are. Dan Brown constantly refers to Robert Langdon’s Mickey Mouse wristwatch to remind the reader of the way the character thinks. Internal linking within your posts using appropriate anchor text helps Google understand what’s important on your site and what makes it tick. When I tell Google that this page is a U2 Concert Set List from New Jersey, it understands the context way better than “this is my blog”. The more specific the internal link, the better Google likes it.
  • Every one of your posts needs an awesome title post to capture the reader’s attention. Angels and Demons? I’ll bite. The Lost Symbol? Sure, I’ll find that. Will your readers bite with a post called “Scone Recipe”? No, so be an angel and title it “Scones that taste better than that of 1000 Grandmothers!” You get what I mean right? Add the butter!
  • Dan Brown is a demon at creating good imagery. And so should your posts, fill them with pictures to give the reader better context about what you’re telling them. At the least it breaks up the text and gives your site a little colour. Google also likes to index pictures and will send visitors your way. Remember, filling in a description of the picture using the "alt” tags is good SEO practice! (if using Blogger check the 'Edit HTML' button in the post writing section and find the tag once you have imported your picture into the post).
SEO Demons:
  • Dan Brown is maligned by the critiques for producing some really odd sentence structures. “The famous man looked at the red cup” arguments apply to your website pages. Make them reader friendly. Don’t be a demon by filling your pages with random keywords. Readers want easy to read pager turners!
  • Every Dan Brown novel as a twist. Don’t be a Leigh Teabing and turn on your hero (readers!) by going trying to kill them with gross amounts of advertising, special offers and non related info. Stay on target with your message. Readers will come to your site for the tea and not the killer cognac.
  • Demons wear black hats and robes. Don’t be a demon. Don’t be tempted to do any of the dodgy tricks that you might find on the internet. Google will see through you faster than you saw the plot holes of The Lost Symbol and penalise you for it. Stick to good white hat practices and the Angels will show you the way to higher Google rankings.
  • Dan Brown created the current puzzle solving mystery band wagon. Don’t be a demon and bluff your way through with a rip off of his plots. Don’t copy another’s work, write your own. In a similar vein, if a news event inspires you, don’t simply re post it, add your own original thinking to it. Some blogs attract terrific readerships by simply providing wise commentary on the news events of the day. Are you up to it?
  • Don't cast an invisible spell on your text. You might be thinking, 'Hey! A good use of keywords is good seo and the more I fit on the page the better AND if I hide them I can fit more on the page!'. Wrong! Google knows this lil trick and will penalise your page if you do this.
Employing the hints and tricks in this guide is a simple and effective way to get some love from the Google search engine. I know, I do them myself with good SEO results!

Got any more Angel or Demon like beer making tips? Leave a note in the comments!

Jimmy Jangles reviews Halo 3:ODST

So as I did with Halo 3, I went and got my hands on ODST at midnight. I arrived at EB Games early was confronted with lots of teenagers with acne, Lord of the Rings fans and a seriously troubling amount of goatee beards. What singled me out from them? Perhaps it was my mum didn't drop me off...

So with two bottles of V, and a packet of Twisties I was set to jump in and be a ... Helljumper.

Game setting: Heroic, No skulls. Attitude: keen to explore a little, keeping it clean, mostly interested in the story.

The Review:

An interesting opening scene falls way to a very dull start. Walk around Mombassa, find a few things, shoot a few things. The real action of ODST is the vignettes where the Rookie (you)You get to play in the scenes the Rookie is piecing together traces what has gone on in the past 6 hours. Bungie step up big time in this regard and deliver some remarkably fun set pieces to play. Blowing up bridges, heavy defence scenarios, sniping, strange looking creatures and decent enemy AI means some seriously fun engagments. I did however find wandering through Mombassa slow going and quite dull at times. If I had to call fault on one thing, it's how Bungie consistently fail to decent face detail for their human characters in the Halo series.

halo odst battle shot
The music was very different to previous Halo games. There was no cast back to previous Halo themes here. When playing as the Rookie, the music was moody with saxophones. When belting out the pain to attacking Brutes and Hunters the music was punchy.

The plot evolves around a secret mission that is foisted on the Rookie and his team. It's not explained till the very end why everything is happening and it's hardly anything to write home about but it's nice in its own way. A small payoff at the cut scene following the credit roll will make some fans happy.

Overall I found ODST to be a remarkably solid game. It took me around 8 hours which seemed long enough. Playing through on Legendary will take some patience as there are some tough battle scenarios to run a through and some Libraryesque levels near the end. Playing this game feels like Halo 2 perhaps should have - all the benefits of the bells and whistles of the third with an OK ending. It has big repeat value and the addition of Firefight!

Fans of Halo will probably enjoy this game a fair bit. If you are a noob, I suggest you check out Halo 3 before you try ODST.

P.S. Did anyone figure what whvidldshbyjsdo is in reference to yet?

P.P.S Check out the leaked campaign pictures of Halo: Reach

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Every Saturday Morning Rolled Into One

People who occasionally show displays of taste alerted to me to this beast of a picture. It's like every Saturday morning tv superhero rolled into one...Of course this is a slight exaggeration as for those of my era, Optimus Prime and Megatron duked it out after school.. as did Voltron. What ever happened to that movie project?


Who's up for a Care Bear Stare?! No? Are you mega thrusters go? Ready to Roll Out? Power of Grayskull?

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