Dude, Earthquake stole my weed stash!

Despite the grimness of the Christchurch Earthquake, somethings can give us a reason to laugh, and heck despite it, all sometimes you need to have a laugh.

Check out this picture, supposedly from the quake, that shows that at least one person in the Christchurch CBD was growing a weed stash!

Weed plants found after Christchurch Earthquake

I don't suppose any copper in Christchurch is too worried about any one growing a small crop of weed in the roof right now - but you do gotta laugh right?

Check out some pictures of the earthquake, that takes you back to reality pretty quickly.

Christchurch: In Cashel Street I wait

Here's a few pictures from the Earthquake that hit Christchurch yesterday. It's just a fucking mess.

Truck in a hole

The Lucky

Christchurch Earth Quake Pictures - Feb 2011

Christchurch Earth Quake Pictures - Feb 22 2011

Here we go again - Christchurch had another large earthquake today, apparently it was 6.3 on the Richter Scale, centered near Lyttelton, a port near Christchurch. The CBD of Christchurch has been grossly affected.

Sadly the NZ Police have confirmed there has been some fatalities where buses have been caught by debris. Many people injured as well, caught in buildings. Major reports of damage have come in and there is flooding beginning to happen. This is a horrific day.

Here's some shots of damaged buildings and cars crushed by bricks.

Damaged Building Ariel View

Car Crushed under bricks from house

Street flooded
Quake victims being attended to:

Here's the damaged Cathedral in the Town Square:

Cathedral takes another hit
Here's some pictures following the earth quake that were posted shortly afterwards by people using twitter and their phones:

A Church in Durham (?)

Obviously this building was already damaged in the Sept 2010 quake

People on the street

Weekend that Was: Tongariro Crossing

Pretty Simple weekend for Jimmy Jangles:

Te Wife and some of my colleagues made like trampers and followed the much walked Tongariro Crossing, a 19km hike through Tongaririo National Park. It's hard yakka in parts but full of great views. It even has reception and I was able to tweet from the base of Mount Ngarahoe! Technology eh? What would the world have been like if Ed Hilary had twittered "We knocked the bastard off!"?

I did the Tongariro trip in 2005, I'm sure u'll agree I'm still  just as handsome as I ever was....sadly for us their was a little bit of cloud so we couldn't see much of Tongario or Ruapehu, but as we got to the other side the canvas of Lake Taupo was pretty cool!

Woke up on Sunday with legs like concrete and they refused to move but somehow we made it to see Black Swan. Who knew ballet could be so entertaining? I hope Natalie Portman gets an Oscar award; and with her literally crazy performance she's got a good chance.

In other news, Banarama went top of the charts in Egypt.

Optimus Prime Animation by Neil Billings

Neil's got nothing to do now that he's finished his Monsters Eat Spaceships animation so he did what every animator should do and has brought Optimus Prime to life in a quick and dirty animation:

Optimus Prime from Neil Billings on Vimeo.

Visit www.NeilBillings.com for more design.

Extra for Experts: Check out this oarsome costumed team of Optimus Primes from the Sevens Rugby tournament.

JJ Reviews: Mass Effect 2

mass effect

So like I finally completed Mass Effect 2 and it's quite the game eh? 

But you already knew that didn't you? 

I tend to be very picky with my Xbox game purchases and will often only purchase a game well after the hype has died and the reviews and reflections of seasoned gamers are to be found. That was how I found the original Mass Effect and when the price was right, I snapped it up.

After that Magnificent game, I don't know why I delayed getting ME2 for so long. It's a triumph of story telling, it's your own pick-a-path in space - knowing the choices I make for our hero Commander Sheppard have repercussions in game and in ME3 can make for a torturous exercise at times! It's not as good as these quotes from The Last Jedi however!

Knowing that I have a renegade Sheppard game saved for another run through meant I could generally keep a firm line - I usually chose a paragon action over the renegade but once in a while it was literally fun to stab someone in the back.

The characters to be found in ME2 are almost larger than life. When you get passed the dullsville that is Jacob, the Krogan known as Grunt, and to a certain extent, Miranda, the Mass Effect universe is full of interesting characters. I really enjoyed chatting with Mordin Solus about the ethics of the genophage and Samara's views on vigilante justice. I was disappointed when I managed to let her die during the suicide mission - I won't let that happen on my second run though!

I found the combat to be improved this time round, I don't know if was all my training with the sniper rifle in Halo: Reach or that they made it easier but this was my go-to weapon for most encounters. I liked how MED made the whole weapons arrangement systems 'automatic'.

Despite lots of complaints from people, I didn't mind the mining operation part of the game to fund weapon upgrades and the like. Sometimes a bit of toil can bring rewards and I figure doing all of that helped build to a successful suicide mission outcome (maybe further run throughs with different choices may render that idea redundant?).

The original game was perhaps infamous as it allowed your character to pursue sexual conquests with your team mate. Clearly the ME2 designers had still not been told of the expression, never screw the crew, because I managed to get it on with Miranda:

It was amusing to meet ME's original love, Ashely on a mission wherein she immediately got all mad at Sheppard for dying on her, not calling or whatever and basically threw a sulking tantrum only to apologise by an email later on. 

Does sleeping with Miranda after 'chat' that mean Sheppard cheated on Ashley? What repercussions if any will this have for Mass Effect 3? Either way, I stayed away from that Jack girl. She got crazy coming out her ears!

I did appreciate how the choices made in ME1 had some influence on this new story. While I may have shot a certain grumpy Krogan die because he bored me and let the Arachni Queen live simply because I like spiders, I was pleased to see they had an relevance in ME2 - and so see how the alien races in universe of ME are slowly banding together as a result of in game actions is a great example of game play and story telling.

Overall I immensely enjoyed my first run through of Mass Effect, it as a multitude of stories to tell, many aliens to shoot and the graphics and cut scenes were top notch. Bring on Sheppard saving Earth in ME3. 


Want to see some Mass Effect cosplay? Check these pages out:

Mirandasome other green faced dudeJack, Samara, the infamous nude promo girls and of course the ever popular EDI and Garrus.

The reviews of Mass Effect: Andromeda are in.

2011 Rugby Sevens Costumes and Cosplay

barbie box cosplay
I'm a barbie girl!
We've got more! Our first page of sevens costumes pictures went down a treat with at least 2 people liking it enough on Facebook so we went and found more costumes from the Friday evening stretch.

Costume choices of the day included some Fred Daggs doing their kiwi equivalent of Being John Malkovich and some sexy girls dressed up as rubix cubes. Bless.

Giant breasted cosplayers

These guys and girls made right boobs of themselves! And why not, if you actually get your kit out at the Sevens (or any other sporting occasion at the Cake Tin) they through you out for indecent exposure. ...

A whole group of Wookies at the sevens
Punch it Chewey!
I'm Fred! No I'm Fred!

Fred Dagg is a classic kiwi icon - a caricature of a NZ farmer / bloke - the Fred Dag is an easy costume to make, slap on your black wifebeater single, step into your gumboots and you are away in cosplay heaven- the exta bonus is when you wake up inthe morning still wearing your sevens costume, you're ready to shear a few hundy sheep!
Men with blow up birds. What else is there do say?
rublicks cube cosplay girls
Even if you solve it, they won't give you their numbers!
Which one of these ladies is the Ring Master?
Office Stationary as a costume. Brilliant. Get it?
As you can see, the Sevens Weekend is all about the costumes, no one even watches the rugby - why would you went there's so much to look at in the stands!

Rugby Sevens Costume Photo Wellington

Two Captain Americas: Where's their shields?
Rugby Sevens Costume Photo Wellington 2011

There's a weekend every year when Wellingtonians go a lil crazy - The Rugby Sevens Tournament is a chance people to dress up and go and party in the Wellington Stadium, known affectionately to us locals as the Cake Tin.

The Sevens is a tournament that is part of the IRB World Series - Kiwi's love to party and this weekend is an excuse to dress up and have a good time. And as they say, if you get bored you can always watch the rugby!

Check out these pictures of the fans all dressed up in their costumes and outfits - is that your sister in the tights?

The Domino Effect?
Internet geeks might know this kind of dressing up as cosplay, but to everyone it's simply a publically acceptable time for men to dress up in tutus in public!

Catholic School Girls Rule OK?

Monsters eat Spaceships

So my old school chum turned drinking buddy Neil Billings has put together his first animated short film. Some one give the man a job! Check out his sweet video, Monsters eat Spaceships. If only Stanley Kubrick had of thought to include a fart joke in his Space Odyessy...

Neil says "It was entirely made in 3dsmax. It's about the adventures of Zach Zillion and his attempts to escape from the giant claws of a space monster with the help of his sarcastic side-kick Socrates!"