The Lions eat well tonight

King of the Jungle. That's a lion's job. But the job is tough one. Dealing with all the animal disputes can be tough going a task. Some times the Lion King will get, shall we say, fed up, and end the matter bought before him by simply eating his loyal subjects. Panthra Leo often shares the spoils with his Queen....or lets them catch  his meal!

Yum, Zebra!

A Buffalo Family Pack to go Please!

Impala for lunch...

 I'm having Buffalo wings...


Any Lion for a rib?

 The fat on this one is a little chewey eh?

Fine, I'll finish the ribs...

It's a true shame these fine animals have been targeted as trophies for walls over the years. Despite the carnage you see here, Lions are wonderful beasts and they have the most amazing adventures. You've see the Lion King right?

Jimmy Jangles and new friend Lurtz

Jimmy Jangles and new friend Lurtz

Dinobots in Transformers? We Wants!

We'll tell YOU about Petro Rabbits...
Josh Duhamel, who played Captain William Lennox in the first two Transformers movies, confirmed that his next movie will be Transformers 3.

He said he just read the script and was impressed by how it deepens the mythology of the universe. When asked whether this meant Dinobots would be in the third movie, he said he couldn't answer that question.”

WTF does that mean? If I was a glass was half empty kind of guy, I’d suggest Josh Dummel was illiterate. If I was a glass was half full kind of guy, I’d suggest Josh as been sworn to secrecy that the Dinobots will be in Transformers 3.

Man, just to have one of them (Read: Grimlock or nothing) would be awesome. The spectacle of Grimlock taking on Megatron or eating Starscream would just be fantastic movie fun.

We don’t need a convoluted plot to have the Autobots in dinosaur form, just have them in the movie!

Things could be slightly grim for a Dinobots appearance thought. Micheal Bay apparently said "They've never been discussed [for inclusion]" stated Bay. "I don't like them. Actually, I hate them." I call bollocks and if he said such a thing, it would be a deliberate step at misinformation.

I asked my good buddy Optimus Prime if he knew of Bay’s plans and he said he hadn’t talked to Grimlock since the dingo dino ate his petro rabbit last Easter (egg!) so had no idea if Grimlock had been cast.

Extra for Experts: After the mess of a plot that was the second TF movie, here’s my take on what the plot of Transformers 3 should involve. Listen to the fans Micheal Bay, we’re smarter than you and have better hair.

Animals Eating Animals

Joey Pie, anyone?
I've launched a new website about animals eating animals. So it's called Animals Eating Animals - I've noted that many popular news articles often contain an animal of some kind, whether its a cute polar bear in a zoo or a python dragging a kangaroo up a cliff, or some hungry, hungry hippos, Animals Eating Animals will be there!

Olive Python dragging Kangaroo up a cliff

Well kanga clearly missed out on boxing lessons and lost the round to this giant olive python. The strength of that  python is something to behold. I have no idea if it got the Kangaroo up to the ledge but whatever, an A for effort Mr Python.

The caption read: An Olive python attempts to drag its dinner - a wallaroo - up a sheer gorge in Kimberly, Western Australia.

A Brave Rat steals a Leopard's Dinner!

Check out this cheeky little Rat! Stealing a Leopard's dinner from right under her nose!

I dunno, maybe the Sheena the Leopard was sizing up how good the rat would be to eat instead? How about a lick to taste?

Na, it's okay Ratty, I'll share...

These pictures of Sheena the Leopard* as taken at the Santago Rare Leopard Project, Hertfordshire in the UK as part of a project by student Casey Gutteridge.

* I thought Sheena was a Punk Rocker?

Image Source

Crocodile eaten by Hippopotamus

This silly crocodile thought he was up for a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Little did he realise he was one of those little white balls...

The image caption read: a crocodile strays too close to a mother hippo and her calves among a group of 50 hippos bathing in the Serengeti national park, Tanzania. The crocodile was killed in the battle that ensued. 

Not shit, those hippo jaws look like they could crash a car. I'd pay money to see that happen!